It might come as a surprise that partnerships are statistically more prone to ending up in loan default, and a staggering 75% of associate buyouts fail to materialize. A common root cause for these challenges is a fundamental disagreement between parties on the sale price. The intricacies of determining a fair and equitable value for a medical practice can often lead to impasses, hindering the progress of partnership agreements or associate buyouts.

In addressing this common obstacle, a prudent approach involves seeking the assistance of an unbiased third party with certified valuation expertise, especially one well-versed in the nuances of the healthcare industry. The involvement of a certified valuator can significantly contribute to breaking the deadlock by providing an objective and well-founded assessment of the practice’s value. This not only helps in bridging the gap between conflicting perspectives on the sale price but also instills a sense of confidence and transparency in the negotiation process. By relying on an experienced valuator, doctors can enhance the likelihood of successful partnerships, facilitate smoother associate buyouts, and foster a more collaborative and informed decision-making environment for all parties involved.