Leveraging nearly a decade of expertise in brokerage services, Practice Directions extends its offerings to a broad spectrum of practices, catering to both high-performing establishments and those that have successfully completed our comprehensive transition planning program. Our commitment to facilitating successful practice transitions is underscored by our tailored brokerage services, which are designed to meet the unique needs of practices at various stages of their lifecycle.

At Practice Directions, our approach to brokerage is marked by transparency and fairness. We operate on a success fee basis, ensuring that our rates are not only competitive but also directly tied to the successful outcome of the transaction. This aligns our interests with the success of the practices we serve, fostering a collaborative partnership aimed at achieving optimal results. Whether you are a thriving practice seeking to take some or all of their chips off the table, or one that has diligently followed our transition planning program, our seasoned professionals are dedicated to navigating the complexities of the brokerage process with precision, integrity, and a focus on your practice’s individual goals and aspirations.